Monday, November 07, 2016
By Dianne Noda/Studio Noda
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Can you believe it's already November?! The Holidays will be here in the blink of an eye!​

If you're planning a family reunion or your ​business is having a Holiday Party, its time to get your photographer booked! What an excellent ​opportunity to get some awesome professional photographs to commemorate your special occasion. Having a photographer at the Holiday ​P​arty adds to the excitement of the event and you get some great photos to use for company correspondence and newsletters. Have your photographer take formal portraits of the guests as they arrive dressed in their party​ ​clothes and use the​se as employee gifts!

While you're talking to your photographer, remember to book them for your family holiday photos. No better time to create beautiful family portrait​s​ than when the kids are home from college and/or family is in from out of state. Capture the memories and document your family history! 

If I can help you with your photography needs, large or small, please contact me! I'd love to help make your event a huge success!


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Sunday, January 11, 2015
By Dianne Noda.
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How to make it your best shot!

We all know the old saying “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”. Well this is especially true when your first impression is by way of a photograph of your face! You have just a few seconds for that photograph to say “This is me, I’m confident, I take my career seriously and you can trust me!”  

We are bombarded with visual and social media.  It’s become a huge part of the way we get jobs, do business and service our customers. Your image is crucial to your success. A phone selfie, or family snapshot on your LinkedIn site won’t leave your connections with a positive impression.  


Your Photo!

Think about what you want to communicate to your customers, peers or a potential employer. Confidence? Competence? Kindness? Ultimately you want to look good and appear professional.


What to wear

Women: Makeup will help you present a polished, professional look. Consider hiring a makeup artist for your photo session.  The expense is minimal when you consider one makeup application is going to be used to meet hundreds and possibly thousands of people!  Do moisturize your lips the week before your photo session.  On the day of the session wear lip gloss or a natural colored lipstick.


Wear clothes that are flattering. Check them when sitting and standing. Baggy doesn’t photograph well. Sleeves need to drape smoothly across the tops of your arms. Don’t wear sleeveless tops unless it’s part of your work “uniform”.  Stay away from bold flowery or geometricpatterns and avoid seasonal clothes.  You want your look to be classic and timeless.  Wear a business suit or jacket for a more formal look.  What would you wear to impress a new client?  You can have your photographer do some shots with the jacket on and off for variety.


Men:  Have your hair cut a about week before your headshot session to avoid a “just cut” look. Use lotion if your skin is dry and don’t forget lip balm. Take time to shave carefully so you avoid cuts and skin redness.

Wear your good suit – the one you would wear to meet your best customer or impress your boss. Choose a tie that makes a statement but not something too bold.  Strong and simple is best.  


How often do you redo your headshot?

Most people like to update their heashots annually for a fresh look. As an adult you may not change much from one year to the next, however if you change your hair color, start/stop wearing eyeglasses or anything else that changes your look, you should take a new photograph. An update is especially important if you get a promotion or a new job. When you use your new headshot in conjunction with the announcement it has great impact.



Get the most from your headshot photo session by plannimg ahead. Connect with your photographer and discuss what you want to project in your image.  Do you need a classic posed headshot?  A specific background showing your work environment?  Help your photographer give you the results you need. 


Know how you look.  Practice in front of your mirror - don’t be shy!

If you’re not comfortable with a big smile, tell your photographer and tell them why.  Maybe you’re self-conscious about your teeth, or your nose, or wrinkles.  Work with your photographer so they can use lighting to minimize things you’d prefer not to emphasize and maximize your strong points.  If you want them to “touch up” your photograph afterwards, explain to them what and how much. 

The bottom line!

Relax during your photo session.  Think about things you like to do.  Chat with your photographer and look directly into the lens - like you are talking to a client, friend or co-worker.  This will help you get a connected, compelling headshot image!


Thanks for stopping by.  I hope this information is helpful.

This month (January 2015) I have a "Headshot Special Event" scheduled for the 26th, 27th and 28th at Office Evolution in The Southlands.  A fresh professional headshot is a great way to start your new year off on a positive note.  

Call me to schedule your session - I am offering both daytime and evening hours.  Quick, painless - and fun!  Lets do it!


Thursday, January 08, 2015
By Dianne Noda
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Happy New Year!  I hope 2015 is off to a great start for you!

Late last year I created a new website - same address, new design.  Now my Blog is incorporated with the website, so it's about time I used it to say Hi!  Unfortunately I can't bring all my other posts over from the old Blog so I'm starting fresh.

A very cool thing happened for the Studio this month.  I'm very excited to have one of my all time favorite wedding photos on the cover of The Colorado Wedding Magazine!  

This was Reeva and Chad's beautiful Breckenridge wedding in 2012.  Thank you to David and Lyn of The Colorado Wedding Magazine for using this photo.  Last edition of the magazine carried an article that I photographed and co-wrote with Emma Shinnick from  What a very nice way to start off the year!



More news to come soon - especially about Headshots!!  They have been called "The New Handshake"!  So much depends on our "image" in media - LinkedIn, Websites etc.  There is nothing like having a great professional headshot to present your profile to customers, peers and potential bosses!

I have a Headshot Event coming up at Office Evolution ( in The Southlands.  It will be on January 26, 27 and 28th and I'm taking bookings now!  I'm going to include some evening sessions as well.  No session fee and you end up with 2 great shots (each in color and black and white) plus I give you a "media-sized" version of each cropped perfectly for social media.  Choice of backgrounds.  All for just $75!!

Call me to schedule your headshot session!  


Thanks for visiting!